Sunday, September 28, 2008

I have entered the blogging world!

Alright I decided to join most of the rest of the world and start a blog. So I'll make my first post talking all about me.

I will be 30 on Tuesday, just 2 days to go. I can't say as I'm really looking forward to it but it's just another day.

I live with my fiance Tim, we're planning on making it official by next Spring I think.

We are blessed to have a son together. Brandon Parker Bush was born on July 4th. He is totally amazing and I love him so much it's unbelieveable.

Tim has another son who is 9 years old. Right now Tim is trying to obtain custody of him but it's been a very hard fight. Things should be final on November 4th!

We live in Newark Ohio. We have a very beautiful house that I'm still trying to get all unpacked. Sooner or later I'll get it done.

I have quite a few hobbies, my favorite of all is cross stitching. I have been doing it for over 20 years. I also love writing letters, as I have a lot of pen pals. I'm the "susie homemaker" type as I love to cook, bake, scrapbook and all that homebody stuff.