Monday, July 20, 2009

July 20, 2009

Okay I slacked off a bit on getting a post in but hopefully I can catch everything up on this post. Been a little since I posted so I have a lot of stuff to update.

First off we had Brandon's 1st birthday party on June 28th. The weekend before his actual birthday but seeing as how his birthday is the 4th of July I figured that it would be easier to get everyone together the weekend before. It was pretty warm outside so by the time we got to the whole cake part of the party he was pretty tired and just didn't get into tearing into the cake. But he did a pretty darn good job trying!! Brandon got a ton of new toys and clothes and I think he had a lot of fun (as much as a 1 year old can I suppose). A tradition that Tim and I are trying to start is to take a picture of Brandon the exact minute that he is born each year. We have a picture that was taken at exactly 3:50pm when he was born so I took another picture this year at 3:50pm on July 4th. Now, if he had been born at 2am we may not be able to pull this one off! LOL. Since we had his birthday party before his actual birthday I went ahead and baked a cake on Brandon's birthday and let Brandon have a slice all of his own. Granted using red velvet may not have been the BEST decision but it was very well worth it!!! So very hard to believe that my baby boy is a year old already!

I have been taking a class on how to do hardanger. This is the picture of the first lesson and I have to get the picture of the 2nd lesson uploaded yet. We've been having some problems with the camera talking to the computer so I have to use the laptop to upload any pictures at all. I am really liking how the blue looks with the cream colored floss.....I'm so excited to go on to the next step.

The next picture is of my latest finish. I did this same pattern in brown and pink and then was asked to do it in brown and cream for another couple getting married. I was afraid that the cream metallic floss was too yellow but Rosemary was very happy with the finished result. I am waiting for her to send me a picture of the last one I did for her after it was framed. I'm very glad to hear that it was a very well recepted gift. I will most likely be doing at least one more of this project as a woman at work has asked me to do it for her and her wife's wedding which was a year and a half ago. Their colors were "pool" and silver so it'll be diffferent than doing Brown again! LOL

I think that's all of the picutres that I've uploaded. :)

This last weekend Tim had Sunday off so we took the boys down to see his family in West Virginia. It was a very nice trip and Tim's aunt Cindy was able to organize everyone to get together at the city park instead of us going to 3 different houses while we are down there. It made life so much easier for us, esp for Brandon because it would have been a lot on him. We did find his mom and that was about a fiasco......she didn't remember when Zachary's birthday was, how old he was, Brandon's name, Brandon's birthday nor my name. She was more concerned about if my fingernails were real or not. So needless to say we did NOT stay very long!!!

Alright I've got stuff to do. I promised Tim that I would make him some cookies so I think I'm going to go start getting them made. :)