Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 21, 2009......Father's Day

Ugh.....I had a huge blog post all laid out and I hit the delete key! grrrrr

Alright well here we go again.

Happy Father's Day to all the daddys, uncles, grandfathers and just men that have been an influence on a childs life!!!

Today we went up to my parents house for Father's Day and did a nice cookout. We had Zach take his super soakers so once all the kids had ate they went outside and just hosed each other with them! It was pretty funny to watch (until my brother's oldest decided he didn't want to share) but it was very much worth taking them up there. I just wish we had more than 2 of them, that way they all would have had one. The kids were dripping wet the whole time and more than one adult got a little wet. Even my mom decided to hose my sister, that was pretty darn funny. Grandma King came as well and it is always nice to see her.

As far as my cross stitching goes I haven't touched it all weekend! Maybe I'll get a chance to do it tonight some, which I really should because I have the Disney Princesses RR that I have to get done! Tim is going to be giving Brandon a bath here in a few so once that's all done and he is in bed I'm hoping to get some time. I will try to take my weekly picture of my Passione Ricamo piece. She's coming along very well and I'm glad to say that I'm seeing the finish line at this point. I have a piece to do for HAED so once that's done my plan is to go ahead and start my Halloween piece! I have to get some specialty floss for it so once I do that I'll be good to go. I love the fact that I have stocked up this long! Tomorrow I'm going to be running off a couple of copies of my Spiderman patterns so I can share one with my sister and another with a friend from the Disney group. I have decided that once I stitch something once I will not stitch it again. So I have some patterns that I am going to place up for sale.

Well I'm going to head off here for now, hopefully my next post won't be so far coming!

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